Upon arriving for RASP sessions

·       Be five minutes early to make sure your settings work.

·       When you log in, you automatically will go to the “waiting room.” The host will let you in.

·       Display your full name -- the Zoom window (as well as some phones) allows you to change the name.

·       Zoom blocks “screen share” when you log in.

o   If you want to display your written content, ask the host in the chat window to give you the privilege.

·       You must have an invitation from RASP.

o   If you need the link or code, email contact.rasp.read@gmail.com

o   You may share the link with friends who are interested in the arts.

o   It will never be shown on the RASP website.

·       Finally, be polite. Strong language in your work for the sake of art are fine, but if you swear or misbehave when others are reading or talking, the host will remove you to the waiting room.

Using Zoom

            What Zoom looks like


A. Microphone

·       It is likely that your microphone will be muted when you arrive. Click on the "A”" icon to activate it.

·       Check to make sure people can hear you by unmuting and greeting people.

·       Also, check the computer’s speaker in the lower right corner If the icon has an “x”, click it to unmute.

·       If there is any noise in your background, please mute your microphone as other people read.

·       Feel free to mute your microphone anytime but remember to unmute yourself when you want to speak or answer a question.


B. Camera

·       It is likely that your camera is turned off when you arrive. Click on the "B" icon to activate it.

·       It's nice for others to see your face and reactions while we're reading and chatting.


C. Background

·       If you want to use a background image behind you, click on the up arrow at "C". Click on "Choose Virtual Background".

·       If you find an image on the internet, be sure you download it before the reading starts.


D. Participants

·       As soon as you see people in the Zoom window, click on the "D" icon. The participants list is shown next to the people thumbnails.


E. Sign-up to read

·       If you want to read during the open mic, click the "E" hand icon as shown in the picture.

o   You may instead see a small green button at the bottom left of the participants list, which does the same thing.

·       This is the substitute for the paper sign-up sheet. The MC/facilitator will call on you in the order you are listed by Zoom.


F. Chat

·       Open the Chat window by clicking on the "F" icon.

·       You can read or make comments during the discussions.

·       If you also want to share your piece in written format, you can paste it into the chat window. Make sure you send it to "Everyone."