In August 2013, the Redmond Association of Spokenword published Here, There, and Everywhere, a collection of 120 poems by 70 poets who have participated in RASP's monthly reading series as featured or open-mic readers. The book's poems appear in three sections—here, there, and everywhere—that celebrate a full range of poetry from this active region of the Pacific Northwest. Editor Michael Dylan Welch has been curator for RASP readings since 2008. Enjoy the pictures

How to Order

Copies of the RASP poetry anthology, Here, There, and Everywhere, are available at RASP's monthly readings. You can also order copies through CreateSpace ($15.00 each plus shipping). For contributors, a limited number of discounted copies are available (for more information, please contact Michael Dylan Welch ).

Anthology Introduction

Jim Hopkins, Friday, April 26, 2013

"To have great poets there must be great audiences too."—Walt Whitman

Virginia Woolf spoke of having a room of one's own in which to write. Writers of all kinds know that they also benefit from having a community in which to thrive—an extended family where they can share and test their writing ideas. Without an attentive audience, trusted feedback, and a dash of praise, that room of one's own can potentially become a prison rather than a sanctuary. But with the right community, the writer can indeed flourish.

The Redmond Association of Spokenword, also known as RASP, provides an energetic community and sense of belonging to writers in and around the city of Redmond, Washington. It expands the sanctuary of the writer's lonely garrison, encompassing fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. While this anthology honors poetry, it is part of a larger context in the RASP community—a full range of writing by the group's talented participants.

In the years since RASP was founded in 1997, the organization has had many accomplishments. It is my hope that this book contributes to the group's successes, but also celebrates the accomplishments of its individual contributors. The poets whose work you'll read here include new contributors and longtime RASP regulars, as well as many of the best-known poets of the Seattle area who have been guest poets at our monthly readings—for which I have served as curator since 2008. The interactions of all these poets enlarge not only our community but influence the broader poetry community of the entire Seattle area and beyond.

The heart of each RASP meeting is its open-mic reading. That's where RASP's experienced and first-time participants find a platform to share their work. And it's where many first-timers have become experienced. Reading work aloud to an attentive audience helps each poet refine his or her performance, while the audience hones its listening skills. Together, careful reading and listening has helped to build a strong and supportive community.

The poems in this anthology—120 poems by 70 poets—have naturally fallen into three groupings. The first section, "Here," encompasses 22 poems about the Pacific Northwest, and sometimes more specifically the here and now of poetry readings—perhaps even of RASP itself. The second section, "There," gathers 28 poems that point to geographical locations farther afield. The third section, "Everywhere," with 70 poems, is not just a catch-all for the remaining poems but a celebration of the range of diversity present in the RASP community and the many styles of its poetry. The assignment of poems to particular sections may be subjective, but I trust that you will find some aspect of the sectional theme in each of that section's poems—and also enjoy each poem on its own terms. Together, I hope these three sections take you on a rewarding trip—here, there, and everywhere. Thank you for reading.

Michael Dylan Welch, Editor


Many hands contributed to this anthology. Michael Dylan Welch first proposed the project, and the entire board of the Redmond Association of Spokenword refined the details of his proposal. This included setting a length limit of thirty lines, the practicality of which precluded longer work that would more accurately represent the range of our contributors. RASP president Michael Heavener initially publicized this project through the group's website and mailing list. He had extensive help from Laura Lee Bennett and Elizabeth Carroll Hayden who contacted key participants of the Redmond Association of Spokenword, past and present, including featured poets at our many monthly readings. Assistant editors Laura Lee and Liz then worked long hours to receive and compile the submissions. Except for a number of last-minute submissions, all poems were scored anonymously by a team of reviewers, using a scoring rubric developed chiefly by Laura Lee and Liz. Michael Dylan Welch also read all submissions anonymously and then made final selections after comparing his preferences with the average scores and comments of the review team. The team's scores frequently pushed selections in one direction or another, but all final selections were Michael's, who sought to be as inclusive as possible. Many thanks to the review team, which consisted of Rebecca Meredith, Allison Ohlinger, Heidi Stahl, and Vonnie Thompson (who did not score their own poems), and to RASP board members not already named: Pamela Denchfield, Bill Hayes, and Mike Meredith. And thanks again to Laura Lee and Liz for going above and beyond by tightening many of this book's nuts and bolts. They did a stellar job of pulling everything together from here, there, and everywhere. But above all, thank you to the ever-surprising and talented RASP community for offering its poems for consideration and for supporting this lively literary arts organization through thick and thin for sixteen years.

Contributors and Sample Poems

The following poets have contributed poems to the RASP poetry anthology, Here, There, and Everywhere. Thank you to these poets for their contributions. Links to sample poems by selected poets will be added later.

  • Kelli Russell Agodon
  • Elizabeth Atwood
  • Elizabeth Austen
  • Lana Hecthman Ayers
  • Peggy Barnett
  • Janée J. Baugher
  • Laura Lee Bennett
  • Katherine Grace Bond
  • Leslie Brown
  • Terry Busch
  • Dennis Caswell
  • Ana Christensen
  • Mary Eliza Crane
  • Pamela Denchfield
  • Tom Flynn
  • Erin Fristad
  • Jeannine Hall Gailey
  • William Scott Galasso
  • Maya Ganesan
  • Richard Gold
  • Cora Goss-Grubbs
  • Shane Guthrie
  • Elizabeth Carroll Hayden
  • Bill Hayes
  • Michael Heavener
  • Esther Altshul Helfgott
  • Janka Hobbs
  • David D. Horowitz
  • Winifred Jaeger
  • Christopher J. Jarmick
  • Aarthi John
  • Donald Kentop
  • Jared Leising
  • Marjorie Manwaring
  • Jack McCarthy
  • Rebecca Meredith
  • Denise Calvetti Michaels
  • Kevin Mooneyham
  • Paul E. Nelson
  • Dawn-Marie Oliver
  • Ken Osborne
  • James Parrott
  • Wendelle Peoples
  • dan raphael
  • Susan Rich
  • Stephen Roxborough
  • Raul Sanchez
  • Michael Schein
  • Monica Schley
  • Martha Silano
  • Annette Spaulding-Convy
  • H. R. Stahl
  • Heather Stark
  • ChiChi Stewart
  • Barbara Stoner
  • Adora Svitak
  • Ann Teplick
  • Linda Thompson
  • Vonnie Thompson
  • John Tripp
  • Marie Helen Turner
  • S. A. Upton
  • Qiaolan Wan
  • Michael Dylan Welch
  • David Lloyd Whited
  • Mary K. Whittington
  • Carolyne Wright
  • Bill Yake
  • Maged Zaher
  • Jason Zions